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Heritages and Museums

Museo del Barro is a museum located on the outskirts of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. It began as a private circulating collection and seven years later acquired a permanent location.

Andres Barbero Ethnographic Museum, Ethnographic museum in Asunción, Paraguay. Address: Avenida España 217, Asunción, Paraguay Phone: +595 21 441 696

The National Museum of Fine Arts of Asunción, located on Mcal. Estigarribia and Iturbe St. in Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay, displays over 650 works of art, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints, photographs, Paraguayan and international artists. As well as antique coins, furniture and various objects that belonged to its creator. The museum was founded in 1909 by the collector Silvano Godoy, first director general of Museums and archives Paraguay. In the same building is the National Archives, which houses the largest collection of documents relating to the country’s history.

Museo del Cabildo is a museum containing many tidbits from the local culture. The museum is situated in the Cabildo building, a colonial-era mansion and seat of the first Paraguayan Senate, later housing the Congress. Admire the imposing pink facade of the building and explore the museum exhibits inside. Varied items showcased include important political documents, pottery, tools, and everyday items from the indigenous community.

Museum of Sacred Art: Museum in Asunción, Paraguay, Address: M Dominguez, Asunción, Paraguay. Phone: +595 21 449 439